Why choose Bulletproof vulnerability scans?

Increase Security

Increase Security

Vulnerability scans uncover security flaws in your infrastructure, identifying areas in need of improvement.

Uncover Weaknesses

Uncover Weaknesses

Regular vulnerability testing gives a quick overview of your security posture, helping you manage your cyber risks.

Comprehensive Scans

Comprehensive Scans

Bulletproof’s powerful vulnerability scanning engine is always up-to-date with the latest threat intelligence.

Innovative Portal

Innovative Portal

Bulletproof’s scanning platform is trusted by organisations worldwide for its accurate and rapid VA scans.

Vulnerability scans at BulletproofVulnerability scans at Bulletproof

Rapid detection and remediation

Vulnerability scans, also known as VA scans, are automated internal and external security assessments that give a good indication on the state of your organisation’s security posture. By testing for known vulnerabilities, you can quickly outline which systems and applications are susceptible to exploitation.

Plus our helpful after-action reports enable you to quickly patch and mitigate the uncovered security weaknesses.

Why choose a vulnerability scan from Bulletproof?

Manage Cyber Risks

Regular vulnerability scans are ideal for on-going management of your cybersecurity risks. Security best practices recommend implementing a VA scan regime to complement your penetration testing schedule, giving the perfect blend of security and affordability.

Bulletproof is a certified provider of VA scanning and cybersecurity services. We help thousands of businesses of all sizes to protect their brand and assets against today’s threat landscape.

Our managed and unmanaged VA scanning services allows you to benefit from a truly best-fit package that meets your exact security requirements.

Manage Cyber Risks

Vulnerability Scan Benefits

  • Defend against common exploits used by the majority of hackers
  • Quick and easy to schedule, freeing up your time
  • Insightful reports show discovered vulnerabilities, remediations, CVSS scores & severity rating
  • Meet your ISO 27001 & PCI DSS requirements
  • Run from Bulletproof’s state-of-the-art UK Security Operations Centre
Vulnerability Scan Benefits

Innovative Portal

  • Trusted by organisations world-wide to manage their vulnerability scanning regimes
  • Easily provide and deploy internal and external vulnerability scans
  • Choose from different scan types to meet your security objectives
  • VA scan reports are instantly available for secure download
Innovative Portal

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Find out how easy it is to secure your systems against hackers with regular Bulletproof VA scanning.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between VA scans and pen testing?

A vulnerability scan is an automated process that simply scans for known vulnerabilities. By contrast, a penetration test is where a security researcher uses their experience, insight and ingenuity to exploit flaws and misconfigurations in an attempt to compromise systems any way they can. A penetration test often starts off with a vulnerability scan as its first stage.

As penetration tests are more in-depth, they’re typically conducted less frequently. However, new security vulnerabilities are disclosed all the time, so regular VA scanning makes sure your systems are still patched against the latest threats.

How often should we run scans?

The frequency of vulnerability scanning should be dictated by your security and risk management strategies, but industry best practices generally recommend monthly, or on significant change to your infrastructure. Increasingly, customers are upping the scan frequency to weekly. No matter how often you scan, the Bulletproof portal makes it quick and easy to manage your scanning regime.

Can I use a free scanning tool?

Free scans are available, but they require a lot of upfront investment in time and expertise to be set-up and configured correctly. If scan isn’t set up right, you won’t get the value from it. By contrast, the Bulletproof VA scanning portal has been designed to make scan management quick and easy. Spend more time improving your security and less time installing, configuring, maintaining and managing scanning engines.

Will a vulnerability scan show me what I need to fix?

Absolutely. Bulletproof’s VA Scan Report shows you the vulnerabilities it detects and also lets you know the exploits that are available for it. Our reports also rank each security weaknesses according to the CVSS standard and let you know its severity.

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