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Why outsource your Data Protection Officer?

Save money

Outsourcing data protection is cost-effective and saves on recruitment costs, overheads and holiday cover.

Qualified consultants

All our DPOs are qualified & certified GDPR practitioners, so you’re guaranteed to get expert support.

Technical expertise

Our DPOs work across many industries and sectors, so you’ll get a depth of experience to help your business.

Legal support

Bulletproof data protection officers are backed by privacy lawyers, ensuring our work always meets your legal requirements.

What is a data protection officer?What is a data protection officer?

What is a data protection officer?

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is an experienced data protection consultant who helps your business meet and maintain data protection regulations, as well as give advice and guidance on all data privacy matters. A DPO plays a crucial role in protecting personal data within your organisation, helping maintain GDPR compliance.

How can a DPO help?How can a DPO help?

How can a DPO help?

A DPO consultant can help with all data protection related matters, including monitoring internal compliance, informing on data protection obligations, and acting as a contact point for the supervisory authority and data subjects. The responsibilities of a DPO include:

  • ICO registration
  • Data breach support and response (including liaison with the ICO)
  • Breach response
  • Data subject access request support (SAR)
  • Policy and procedure support and advice
  • UK GDPR Representation
  • Data mapping support and advice
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Assisting with customer questionnaires and due diligence
  • General GDPR support
  • Arranging GDPR staff training

Flexible outsourced DPO packages

Each of our DPO packages offers a flexible approach to virtual delivery – whether you prefer to communicate through calls, video conferences or emails, we’re here to help.

Additional hours/days can be purchased on an ad hoc basis.

Outsourced Data Protection Officers
Small BusinessMedium BusinessLarge Business
Suitable forBusinesses with up to 20 employeesBusinesses with 21-200 employeesBusinesses with over 201 employees
Gap analysis required?Crossed circle iconChecked circle iconChecked circle icon
DPO timeTypically 4 hours per monthTypically one day per monthCustomised to suit your requirement
Kick-off callChecked circle iconChecked circle iconChecked circle icon
Monthly progress callChecked circle iconChecked circle iconChecked circle icon
GDPR training portal
(beginners & advanced)
Checked circle iconChecked circle iconChecked circle icon
Annual auditCrossed circle iconCrossed circle iconChecked circle icon
PriceFrom £695 /month
(ex VAT)
From £1,095 /month
(ex VAT)

Note: A GDPR Gap analysis is required for medium and large businesses before the DPO service can commence.

Meet a Bulletproof Data Protection Officer

Ever since GDPR came into effect I'm often asked by people if their company needs a DPO. Whether you legally need one or not, appointing a DPO is a very good idea. In fact, the ICO recommends that every organisation, regardless of size, or type appoints a DPO. This is so that your organisation has someone authoritative who can look after all things data protection and, crucially, help manage your GDPR compliance.

Is a DPO mandatory?

A DPO is mandatory if your company is a public body, your core activities involve large-scale regular and systematic monitoring of individuals, or if your business processes special category data. If your organisation falls into any of these categories, you’re legally required to appoint a data protection officer.

Your expert data protection consultants

Our DPOs are certified GDPR practitioners and data privacy experts. We support organisations across a range of industry sectors, successfully guiding them through the complex responsibilities of data protection. With flexible packages at cost effective rates, you get the service your organisation needs to get ahead of your UK & EU GDPR obligations with an outsourced DPO.

Legal and technical expertise includedLegal and technical expertise included

Legal and technical expertise included

An outsourced DPO form Bulletproof can support your business beyond data protection. In addition to access to our certified data protection consultants, we also give access to robust information security guidance, supported by the award-winning IP law firm, HGF. Bulletproof provides a range of cyber security and compliance services, and your DPO can arrange preferential rates for whatever your business needs.

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Outsourced Data Protection Officer FAQs

A Data Protection Officer (DPO) is the person responsible for:

  1. Acting as the liaison between the company, the data subjects and regulatory bodies including the ICO
  2. Identifying and ensuring the delivery of training and awareness programmes for employees and contractors
  3. Complying with article 30 of GDPR
  4. Conducting regular audits to ensure compliance is maintained and ensuring policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated where required
  5. Overseeing/supervising Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  6. Managing a data breach
  7. Keeping up to date with the latest data privacy legislation and rulings by the EDPB and Supervisory Authorities
  8. Having an in-depth understanding of GDPR as well as information technology and data security
  9. Avoiding a conflict of interest
  10. Reporting to highest levels of management and autonomy

Find out more about what a DPO does in this article.

The GDPR dictates that you must appoint a DPO if you are a public authority or body, or if you carry out certain types of processing activities such as regular and systematic monitoring of individuals, or large-scale processing of sensitive data. Although other organisations are not legally required to have a DPO, the ICO recommends every organisation appoints a DPO to comply with the GDPR, manage data protection and avoid fines

We can include GDPR implementation as part of any of our outsourced DPO service packages. This usually involves extra time allocation while the GDPR implementation is being carried out. Once complete you can easily scale back DPO contact hours depending on the needs of your business.

Our data protection consultants can provide support and advice on how to handle data subject access requests, guiding you on what to so when you receive one as part of your compliance action plan.

Outsourcing data protection to a qualified data protection consultant is more cost-effective than an internal hire, as you only pay for the hours you need. Using a Data Protection Officer as a service can also help you to access a team of certified GDPR practitioners, data protection professionals and technical experts rather than relying on one employee to provide all the required expertise.

Any organisation that processes personal data must comply with the GDPR. “Processing” is a broad term that covers just about anything you can do with data: collection, storage, transmission, analysis, etc. “Personal data” is any information that relates to a person, such as names, email addresses, IP addresses, eye colour, political affiliation, and so on.<

You have the option to add more hours to an ongoing contract as and when you need them for large policy or procedure reviews, data breach support or any other circumstance where you need more dedicated DPO time.

UK GDPR and EU GDPR apply to all companies depending on your location, although some parts of the legislation may not be relevant for your business, such as the processing of children’s data and profiling of individuals. At Bulletproof, out seasoned data protection consultant work across many public and private sectors, and have expertise in a variety of industries.

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