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Reduce business risk with enterprise penetration testing. Effortlessly manage multiple tests, automatically prioritise findings, and meet compliance requirements, including ISO, PCI, SOC 2, & GDPR.

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Why enterprises choose Bulletproof pen testing

A Trusted Security Partner

Leading UK CREST pen test company with 7+ years' experience & certified global pen test teams

All Penetration Test Types

Everything tested, including infrastructure, web & mobile apps, cloud, IoT, OT, build reviews & more

Power Faster Remediations

Remediation advice is given for each threat, with automatic prioritisation & tracking in our SaaS portal

Better Test Management

Easier scoping, management & reporting of multiple tests with our dashboard-driven platform

What is penetration testing? What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing to meet the challenges of enterprise

Penetration testing at the scale of enterprise organisations comes with additional challenges. In addition to ensuring quality tests from a trusted provider, enterprises require a planned approach and a pen testing service that can cater for managing multiple test regimes. The wider nature of an enterprise’s attack surface, with challenges of legacy and shadow IT, means that a pen test provider must provide accurate scoping to get meaningful test outcomes.

There are also many different drivers for an enterprise’s full-stack pen testing needs, including DevSecOps, CISO, GRC, product owners and more. Where in-house testing teams exist, internal tests may not be as thorough or unbiased as external penetration testing from a trusted provider, and compliance requirements often demand third-party penetration testing.

Bulletproof’s enterprise penetration testing meets all these challenges head-on to deliver a service that makes it easy to manage multiple tests and get the best outcomes.

  • Meet compliance needs

    Helps with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR & SOC 2 compliance

  • Work with internal pen test teams

    Complement & supplement your existing testing teams

  • Supports multiple testing programmes

    Easily manage multiple pen test engagements with Bulletproof

  • Engage internal stakeholders

    Data-driven dashboards makes it easy to engage stakeholders

  • Automatically prioritise findings

    Fix the issues that matter most with automatic prioritisation

  • Get a clear remediation plan

    Speed up remediation activities with included built-in remediation advice

Why your organisation needs a penetration test Why your organisation needs a penetration test

Giving enterprises more value from penetration testing

A penetration test is only as good as the reporting it provides, which is why key component of Bulletproof’s enterprise pen testing is our SaaS threat management platform. It features automatic prioritisation of uncovered threats and includes remediation advice for each and every finding. This enables enterprises to spend their limited remediation budget with surgical precision, taking risk-based decisions to get maximum security for maximum efficiency.

The platform aggregates and prioritises threats from other security services, including managed SIEM, phishing campaigns and vulnerability scanning. This gives an all-in-one view of your security posture like never before, enabling even more accurate remediation and efficient use of your budget.

Full suite of penetration tests available

Whether you’re looking for one-off pen tests for external assurance or on-going testing as part of a wider enterprise initiative, Bulletproof provide the full range of penetration testing services.

Web application penetration testing

  • Identify all security risks, including OWASP Top 10
  • Authenticated, unauthenticated & API testing
  • Includes DAST methodology and SDLC integration

Network & infrastructure pen tests

  • Check services, patch levels and configurations
  • Multiple test types, including external and internal testing
  • Follows PTES best practice methodology

Cloud penetration testing

  • Includes AWS, Azure, GCP & more
  • All cloud technology tested, including IaaS & PaaS
  • Includes configuration reviews and 365 testing

Mobile application penetration tests

  • Proven expertise in iOS, Android & more
  • SAST and source code reviews
  • Uncover insecure functionality

Social engineering pen tests

  • Maximise employee security vigilance
  • Regular tests & training
  • Tailor campaigns to your security objectives

Red team security testing

  • Model a determined cyber criminal
  • Physical penetration testing approach
  • Test all layers of your organisation’s security
What is penetration testing? What is penetration testing?

One of the UK's leading penetration testing providers

As one of the largest UK providers of penetration testing services, Bulletproof believe you should expect more from your penetration testing company than just a list of vulnerabilities. That’s why we give you actionable intel to power faster, more effective remediations.

  • A proactive approach
    Get ahead of vulnerabilities with penetration testing and on-going vulnerability scanning
  • Realistic attack simulation
    Full-scale multi-site red team, black team, purple team, plus phishing & OSINT assessments
  • Enhance your defences
    Actionable remediation advice included with each threat for faster remediation
  • Confidence with compliance
    Configure tests to meet specific compliance requirements
  • Boost your reputation
    Grow your reputation as a responsible & secure business

Enterprise pen testing FAQs

Enterprise penetration testing, commonly just called pen testing, is an ethical simulated cyber attack on an enterprise’s IT & OT infrastructure. The goal is to enumerate security weaknesses, so that cyber vulnerabilities can be codified, prioritised, and remediated. The methods and tools of enterprise penetration testing vary with on what’s being tested and the scope of the test. Networks, systems, web apps, mobile apps, cloud environments, build images, IoT/OT and humans all present security vulnerabilities to enterprises.

Penetration testing from a reputable pen test service provider is required or recommended by a wide range of compliance standards and certifications. Bulletproof’s enterprise penetration testing can help enterprise organisations meet and maintain compliance with:

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 2
  • FTC Safeguards
  • GDPR
  • And more

Bulletproof’s dashboard-driven SaaS platform makes it easy to see at-a-glance prioritisation of your pen test findings, giving enterprises intel on what you need to fix first. With limited remediation budgets, the threat management feature of the portal helps enterprises get maximum impact from their remediation efforts. Threats from other services, such as managed SIEM are also displayed here, giving a powerful single pane of glass overview of your security posture.

Enterprise organisations undertaking penetration testing often have different operational and security objectives compared to SMEs and startups. Whereas an SME might say ‘test everything’ and undertake pen testing once a year, an enterprise will have separate pentesting programmes for different infrastructure components and business units. Enterprise pen testing providers will be able to facilitate this kind of multi-testing approach, and also be able to work with an enterprise’s internal pentesting teams.

Bulletproof’s global teams of experienced pen testers use a variety of off-the-shelf and custom tools in their pentesting activities. For example, automated security scanning, custom-crafted scripts, commercial tools and hand-tailored exploits all combine with a pen tester’s insight and expertise to compromise your cyber defences. Our CREST certified penetration testers always use the right tooling for the task, using different tools and tech for asset enumeration, network discovery, attack surface mapping, exploitation, and so on.

Even in the enterprise landscape, there still exists confusion about which tool is best for your organisation: penetration testing or vulnerability scanning. This quick ‘cyber security 101’ video can help you understand the difference.

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Bulletproof's security qualifications

With OSCP & CREST certified expert pen testers and 7+ years in the industry, Bulletproof penetration testing services have a proven track record of finding flaws and helping businesses stay ahead of the hackers.

ISO 27001
ISO 9001
ISO 27001
ISO 9001
Offensive Azure Security Professional
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Offensive Azure Security Professional
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Certified AppSec Practitioner
HM Government G-Cloud
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
Cyber Essentials
Cyber Essentials
Cyber Advisor
Certified AppSec Practitioner
HM Government G-Cloud
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
Cyber Essentials
Cyber Essentials
Cyber Advisor

A tried & tested methodology

While the penetration testing exact methodology will depend on the type and nature of test, most penetration testing services follow the same high-level methodology. Learn more about the fundamentals of penetration testing, plus tips for how to get a good outcome, download our free Essential Guide to Penetration Testing White Paper.

Scope definition & pre-engagement interactions


Based on your defined goals, we’ll work with you to develop a tailored testing strategy.

Intelligence gathering & threat modelling

Intelligence gathering & threat modelling

In this reconnaissance stage, our experts use the latest groundbreaking techniques to gather as much security information as possible.

Vulnerability analysis

Vulnerability analysis

Using the latest tools and sector knowledge, we’ll uncover what’s making your critical assets vulnerable and at risk from attack.



Using a range of custom-made exploits and existing software, our penetration testers will test all core infrastructure and components without disrupting your business.



The team will determine the risks and pivot to other systems and networks if within the scope of the test. All compromised systems will be thoroughly cleaned of any scripts.



Our security team will produce a comprehensive report with their findings. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and request further information on key aspects of your test.

Continuous Security

Continuous Security

New threats are discovered every day, so Bulletproof includes automated security scans to help you keep on top of new security weaknesses.

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Meet our penetration testing team

Bulletproof takes pride in building and nurturing the best cyber talent to ensure our penetration testing services always get the best security outcomes for our clients. Our global teams of OSCP & CREST penetration testers are highly skilled, speak at security events and have discovered CVEs.

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  • Track threats & manage remediations
  • Get a big-picture view of your security

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