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Tailored offensive security services to elevate your cyber defences. Go beyond penetration testing to simulate a real-world attack from a determined adversary, and verify your operational, procedural & physical security.

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Seasoned red team personnel bring years of adversarial expertise and insight to every engagement

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Expert red team testing gives you unparalleled security insights to power prioritised improvements

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What is red teaming? What is red teaming?

What is red teaming?

Red teaming is an adversarial, threat-led method of security testing. A red team test aims to breach your defences by employing genuine tactics, techniques and procedures that a real-world cyber criminal would use. This goal-oriented-driven approach more accurately simulates an attack by a persistent threat actor on your cyber defences and security team.

Bulletproof red team pen testers use social engineering, penetration testing tools and creative thinking to identify vulnerabilities in networks, systems, buildings, people and processes. This makes red team assessments comprehensive in nature, providing an extensive insight into your business's security.

Bulletproof divides red team testing into the following distinct attack scenarios, each with its own aims and security outcomes:

  • Red Team
  • Black Team
  • Purple Team
  • Assumed Breach
  • EDR/XDR Evaluation

Benefits of red team testing

  • A real-world security test

    Simulate a sophisticated hacking attempt from a determined adversary

  • Discover & categorise risks

    Identify which assets are at risk, including how & why they can be targeted

  • Assess detection & response

    Evaluate your capability to detect & respond to advanced security threats

  • Eliminate bias & assumptions

    External security tests challenge your security assumptions & uncover bias

  • Find unknown vulnerabilities

    Uncover hidden security weaknesses in your people, processes & technology

  • Prioritise security investment

    Implement better defences with a holistic, intel-based view of your security ops

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Bulletproof offers a wide range of red teaming services to help your organisation simulate targeted attacks against your security controls. Explore our variety of red team services below.

Red Team

Put your defences to the test against a real, persistent adversary.

Red team penetration testing is the only way to truly gauge how your business’ security defences react to a real-world threat. By simulating the resources and tools available to a determined adversary, red teaming reveals security flaws that you didn’t know you had. Red teaming is the most comprehensive security test available and demonstrates your commitment to business security.

All Bulletproof red team engagements are tailored to your specific business and objectives, providing an unrivalled training opportunity for your defensive teams and systems. Our approach, based on real world threats, is designed to evaluate the people, processes and technology within your organisation.

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Black Team

Put your physical security defences to the ultimate test.

The aim of black teaming is to gain access to a restricted physical space, such as a particular office or data centre. Bulletproof’s skilled back team pen testers will use all tools at their disposal to model a determined, persistent adversary aiming to breach your physical defences. Find out how resistant your people, processes and technology are to social engineering, ethical hacking, tailgating, pretexting and much more.

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Purple Team

Take a collaborative approach to improve the detection & prevention capabilities of your organisation.

Purple teaming simulates a wide range of techniques, tactics and procedures in a safe and collaborative way. Both red and blue teams work together to evaluate individual offensive actions commonly taken during a real-world attack, with the goal of remedying any issues. Purple team testing gives you a comprehensive overview of detection and response gaps mapped to industry-standard frameworks, such as MITRE ATT&CK.

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Assumed Breach

Move beyond classic authenticated penetration testing by using an objective & impact driven approach.

Assumed breach testing operates under the simple principle that a breach can and will happen. It is designed to identify how well your defence in depth would limit a real-world attacker and the effectiveness of protecting your critical business functions. Testing is objective driven and uncovers what an attacker can achieve via device compromise or other attack vector.

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EDR/XDR Evaluation

Maximise the effectiveness of EDR/XDR systems with an in-depth test of its ability to detect & remove threats.

Put your EDR/XDR to the test and determine its efficacy with an expert evaluation from Bulletproof. In-depth configuration and effectiveness reviews of your chosen platforms and technology uncovers weaknesses and help you maximise the effectiveness of EDR/XDR systems. Bulletproof use a test, evaluate & improve approach to put your chosen provider to the test against commodity and bespoke threats.

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Why your organisation needs red teaming

Red teaming is a powerful way to expose hidden threats and strengthen your security from the inside out. It gives your security team the insight to help you protect your valuable data and assets from targeted attacks.

Organisations of all sizes can use red teaming attack scenarios to better understand your security posture and assess how your organisation would defend against a determined and resourceful adversary. A key benefit is the ability to uncover blind spots caused by bias and assumptions, which can go unnoticed by other types of security testing. This makes a red team assessment a great way to test and improve your incident response capability.

What’s the difference between red teaming and a penetration test?

A Penetration tests attempt to find security vulnerabilities in a specific set of IT systems, whereas the goal of a red team assessment is to compromise your security defences using real techniques and tooling used by determined adversaries. The objective-based nature better simulates an attack from a determined cyber criminal against your networks and security controls. Red teaming can be combined with black teaming to provide a complete assessment of your organisation’s security posture.

Bulletproof’s experienced, adversarial tradecraft tests every layer of your organisation’s defences to provide a complete overview of your security risks. Red teaming is the most in-depth security assessment available, and an ideal way to strengthen systems across your business while showing your clients and stakeholders that you take security seriously.

Learn more about red teaming (FAQs)

While a red team uses tactics techniques and procedures (TTP) to simulate a real-world threat, a blue team is positioned within the network to recognise unusual behaviour and defend against an attempted attack. Bulletproof’s collaborative purple team assessments provide proof of concept attacks that show how an attacker could gain access to a specific system or set of systems, involving a blue team at various stages to recognise and monitor the attack as it proliferates through the network. A purple team assessment is the best way to assess the effectiveness of your blue team.

Absolutely. Bulletproof welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with organisations who have their own blue teams established, and coordinating the exercise is a great way to test the effectiveness of your current security controls and for understanding attack paths that may make your systems vulnerable to an external breach. These Purple Team engagements pit our experienced adversaries against your cyber defenders, with the goal of uncovering all threat detection and response weaknesses.

Red teaming is ideal for businesses who have an established security systems in place and already carry out regular penetration testing on their networks. However, organisations of any size and stage in their development can benefit from Red Team exercises. Our experienced security consultants will be able to advise you on exactly what will work for your business, and how to get the most value from your engagement.

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Bulletproof's security qualifications

With OSCP & CREST certified expert pen testers and 7+ years in the industry, Bulletproof penetration testing services have a proven track record of finding flaws and helping businesses stay ahead of the hackers.

ISO 27001
ISO 9001
ISO 27001
ISO 9001
Offensive Azure Security Professional
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Offensive Azure Security Professional
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
Certified AppSec Practitioner
HM Government G-Cloud
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
Cyber Essentials
Cyber Essentials
Cyber Advisor
Certified AppSec Practitioner
HM Government G-Cloud
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
Cyber Essentials
Cyber Essentials
Cyber Advisor

Red teaming methodologies

Bulletproof red teaming follows a meticulous methodology, designed to provide flexibility and efficiency to power the best outcomes from your red team engagement.

  1. Recon & Attack Planning

    Recon & Attack Planning

  2. Attack Development

    Attack Development

  3. Initial Compromise & Foothold

    Initial Compromise & Foothold

  4. Exploitation

    Network Propagation

  5. Complete Objectives

    Complete Objectives

  6. Additional Value & Reporting

    Additional Value & Reporting

  7. Debrief & Remediation Guidance

    Debrief & Remediation Guidance

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