Understanding the ISO 27001 standard

ISO 27001 certification is very popular, and for good reason – it lets your customers and suppliers know you’re working to solid information security standards. But certification can be far from straightforward and varies depending on the type and complexity of your organisation. Bulletproof’s experienced ISO 27001 consultants are on-hand to guide you through the whole process.

Vast experience in ISO 27001 implementation

Vast experience in ISO 27001 implementation

Dedicated information security professionals

Dedicated information security professionals

Cost-effective implementation and certification

Cost-effective implementation and help with certification

Get maximum benefit from your ISO 27001 compliance

Get maximum benefit from your ISO 27001 compliance

More than just compliance…

ISO 27001 is an information security standard that demonstrates that you are committed to maintaining top levels of security, which may help win your business more work. However, it also enhances your global reputation, helps you to avoid the financial (and reputational) penalties of a data breach and will also reduce the number of audits you’ll have to undergo.

ISO 27001 training

Bulletproof can help you on your way to becoming certified by providing ISO 27001 training. We can help you understand standard’s best practices and how you can incorporate these into your current business model and efficiently manage these policies and procedures. Ultimately, we can offer training to provide you with a better understanding of ISO 27001 and how your business will benefit from it.

We’re not just ISO 27001 consultants…

ISO 27001 consultancy is just the start. Bulletproof provide a range of security services, from 24/7 security monitoring (SIEM) and DDoS mitigation to a variety of penetration tests and vulnerability scans – all run from our dedicated, in-house Security Operations Centre (SOC).

  • Bulletproof are CREST approved

    CREST approved

  • Bulletproof are ISO 27001 and 9001 certified

    ISO 27001 and 9001 certified

  • Bulletproof are Tigerscheme qualified testers

    Tigerscheme qualified testers

  • Bulletproof are a PCI DSS v3.2 Level 1 service provider

    PCI DSS v3.2 Level 1
    service provider

  • Bulletproof have 24/7 on-site Security Operations Centre

    24/7 on-site Security
    Operations Centre

Frequently asked questions

What is ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognised standard of best practices. ISO 27001 covers a number of policies and procedures to review legal, physical and technical controls within an organisation as part of their information risk management. Being ISO 27001 certified demonstrates a commitment to maintaining top levels of security.

What is the cost of ISO 27001 certification?

There are a number of variables that could have an impact on the cost of becoming ISO 27001 certified such as the size of the company and the gap between its current state and the desired state.

What is the difference between ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and 27002?

ISO 27001 is an information security standard that helps companies install an ISMS and demonstrate their commitment to information security. ISO 9001 on the other hand concerns itself more with quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

Companies often opt to get the two together to show they not only provide a quality product or service, but also apply best security practices when doing so. ISO 27002 provides implementation guidance for ISO 27001. A company cannot be ISO 27002 certified, as this is merely a guidance document.

Should I become ISO 27001 certified?

If you want to prove to your customers that you take information security seriously and that their data will be safe, then yes you should. There are also numerous other benefits that come with being ISO 27001 certified, such as the reduced need for regular auditing and an enhanced global reputation.

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