Gain the greatest value from ISO 27001

Boost Security

Boost Security

Validate your information security controls and learn how to add extra defences to processes and technology.

Experienced Consultants

Experienced Consultants

Our expert consultants have many years’ experience in helping companies like yours through every stage of ISO 27001.

Cost-effective Service

Cost-effective Service

By not treating it as a box-ticking exercise, you can realise true value from your investment into 27001 compliance.

Protect Data

Protect Data

Being ISO 27001 compliant will reduce your chances of cyber attack and data breaches, protecting precious data.

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ISO 27001 compliance has helped us improve our security investment and build credibility with our global client base, as well as enabled us to successfully win UK Government procurement contracts. Bulletproof made the whole process easy and effortless from start to finish, strengthening our information security and improving our position in the industry.

Martin Sutherland

Head of Finance, Adzuna

Gain global recognition with ISO 27001

Internationally recognised, ISO 27001 is one of the most popular information security standards, and for good reason – implementing ISO 27001 helps you meet your legal and regulatory obligations under laws as such as EU GDPR and the NIS Regulations.

It’s a comprehensive standard that covers processes, technology and physical security resulting in credible improvements to your security.

Becoming ISO 27001 certifiedcertified is proven to enhance the reputation of your company and lets your customers know you’re working to the highest security standard possible.

How Bulletproof can help you achieve ISO 27001 certification

Gap Analysis

Bulletproof ISO 27001 compliance starts with a gap analysis. This lays the foundation of your compliance journey and identifies exactly which areas need to improve and how best to go about it.

  • In-depth discovery process looks at all procedural, technical and physical security controls
  • A methodical approach ensures all aspects of this rigorous compliance standard are met
  • Our consultants use their years of experience to make the process as easy as possible
  • Whether you’re starting from scratch or part-way through the process, we work at every stage to help you meet compliance
Gap Analysis


Based on the learnings from the gap analysis, Bulletproof creates a tailored implementation plan to make sure you get the most cost-effective compliance possible.

  • Consultant-led implementation ensures your information security controls are being implemented efficiently and effectively
  • Bulletproof’s ISO 27001 resources can assist in creating missing policies & procedures, speeding up your ISO 27001 certification process
  • Our consultant’s deep knowledge of information security and their experience with a broad range of organisations means you get a fast, cost-effective service that doesn’t compromise on security


ISO 27001 certification involves multiple audits, both internal and external.

Bulletproof’s experienced ISO 27001 consultants have worked with several certification bodies and will be on-hand to help you through every stage of the certification process.


Internal Auditing

ISO 27001 requires companies to conduct internal audits at least annually, in addition to the audits conducted by the external certification body.

Often, conflicts of interest and a lack of the necessary skills and knowledge make it difficult for companies to do these themselves. That is where Bulletproof can help by providing:

  • Highly experienced ISO 27001 qualified auditors
  • Comprehensive audit plans to ensure your audit runs smoothly and efficiently
  • Detailed audit reports providing comprehensive information on non-conformities and opportunities for improvement
  • Flexible audit plans to work around your audit schedule
  • The opportunity to buy 3-year audit plans, with monthly payment options, making your internal audits more cost effective
Internal Auditing

Go beyond compliance

Being a leading cyber security provider, Bulletproof can also provide complimentary services outlined by ISO 27001. These include information security training, all types of penetration test, and even MDR/managed SIEM through our next-generation S.W.A.T. Defence® service. ISO 27001 can be a significant investment, but ultimately will make you much more secure. If ISO 27001 isn’t the right fit for you why not try Cyber Essentials instead?

Go beyond compliance

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Frequently asked questions

What is ISO 27001 certification?

ISO 27001 certification is an internationally recognised standard of best practices. ISO 27001 covers a number of policies and procedures to review legal, physical and technical controls within an organisation as part of their information risk management.

Being ISO 27001 certified demonstrates a commitment to maintaining top levels of security.

What’s an ISMS?

ISMS stands for Information Security Management System, and is the core component of ISO 27001. It’s the framework that outlines all security risks and your controls for them. It covers people, processes and technology and typically encompasses your entire organisation.

What’s the difference between ISO 27000, 27001, 27002?

ISO 27000 is a family of different documents, covering all areas of the ISO standard for information security. ISO 27001 is specifically the certification standard whereas ISO 27002 (and beyond) are guidance and information documents for the ISO 27001 certification standard.

What’s the difference between ISO 9001 and ISO 27001?

ISO 9001 is a standard for ensuring the quality of your services and is based on a QMS (Quality Management System), whereas ISO 27001 sets the standard for information security and uses an ISMS (Information Security Management System). There’s actually some overlap between the two standards, so gaining ISO 27001 compliance will give you a headstart on ISO 9001, and vice versa.

Do I need ISO 27001?

With cyber and information security making headlines every day, and hackers targeting business of all sizes, ISO 27001 compliance just makes sense. It also enhances your global reputation, helps you to avoid the financial (and reputational) penalties of a data breach and will also reduce the number of audits you’ll have to undergo.

Is ISO 27001 expensive?

The cost of ISO 27001 certification depends on the size and nature of your business, as well as the gap between your current status and the desired, compliant state. By undertaking a gap analysis first, this journey can be accurately mapped, saving valuable time and money when it comes to implementation.

What’s the difference between certification and accreditation?

When it comes to ISO 27001, the words certification and accreditation are often used interchangeably by companies who don’t know better. However, there is a difference. For ISO 27001 in the UK, a certification body tests organisations against the ISO 27001 standard, and gives them a registered certificate if they pass. The accreditation body on the other hand, is responsible for ensuring that the certification bodies all work to the same standard.

In the UK the accreditation body is UKAS and they’re recognised by the Government. So to sum up, end user companies are certified as ISO 27001 compliance by a certification body, who are in turn accredited by the accreditation body (UKAS).

Our experts are the ones to trust when it comes to your cyber security

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