Managed detection and response solution (MDR)

Real-time attack prevention & remediation protects against the latest cyber threats

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Why choose Bulletproof MDR?

Real-time cyber defence

Bulletproof MDR reduces security risks with the ability to detect, analyse and stop cyber attacks in their tracks faster, in seconds.

Seamless security integration

Bulletproof MDR offers a seamless integration with your existing security teams and ensures you have a 100% security coverage.

Whole-business protection

MDR protection for your whole infrastructure. Cloud, on-premises, SaaS, endpoint, legacy, and more are all protected.

Flexible packages

Get the right protection to meet both your security objectives and your budget, with Bulletproof’s flexible MDR service tiers.

Data Protection Experts at Bulletproof Data Protection Experts at Bulletproof

What is Bulletproof MDR?

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an enhanced security service designed to offer low-touch, high-value cyber defences for an entire organisation. Bulletproof MDR combines cutting-edge security tooling with rock-solid runbooks and SOC analysts to detect, analyse and stop cyber attacks 24/7.

Bulletproof MDR does more

Bulletproof MDR goes beyond standard MDR services to deliver a comprehensive cyber protection service:

  • Source-agnostic managed SIEM to detect current and emerging threats
  • Endpoint tooling to proactively isolate assets and stop attacks in progress
  • Asset profile to enhance threat intelligence
  • Recon scans to see what you look like to a hacker
  • VA scans to identify newly disclosed vulnerabilities and help reduce your attack surface
  • Optional phishing simulation to secure the human element of your security

Legal and technical experts at Bulletproof Legal and technical experts at Bulletproof

Bulletproof SpecialOps®

Bulletproof SpecialOps® is the home of our research and intelligence division. It’s a unique development lab, staffed by an elite team that drives intelligence and innovation across our entire product suite. Anonymised data from our entire range of security products is analysed in conjunction with internal and commercial intelligence in order to significantly enhance our services. SpecialOps® drives the continuous improvement of Bulletproof MDR, meaning we’re always able to quickly detect, analyse and counter the latest cyber threats.

Learn more about Bulletproof MDR

Bulletproof offers a wide range of red teaming services to help your organisation simulate targeted attacks against your security controls. Explore our variety of red team services below.

Key Features

Proactively prevent breaches

Bulletproof MDR combines the latest technology, tested runbooks and human insight to provide total protection against data breaches.

Total coverage

Bulletproof MDR can ingest any and all log data to provide 100% security coverage for your organisation.

Rapid time-to-value

With ultra-fast on-boarding and lightning-fast analysis and remediation, Bulletproof MDR can start protecting your business in hours, not weeks.

Incident lifecycle support

When alerts turn into incidents, Bulletproof’s experienced security analysts act quickly to contain, eradicate and recover in-line with industry best practices.

Protection Capability

Bulletproof MDR is a comprehensive security service that includes:

  • Real-time SOC-based security monitoring
  • Industry-leading SIEM features powerful correlation engines and ingests logs from any source
  • Advanced detection and analysis of emerging and established threats
  • See what you look like to a hacker and reduce your attack surface using Bulletproof’s unique recon tool
  • Bulletproof Endpoint enables proactive malware blocking, asset isolation and fast threat remediation
  • Comprehensive threat intelligence from Bulletproof SpecialOps®
  • Proactive threat hunting, enhanced by machine learning
  • Full incident analysis and response


Accelerate your security maturity with Bulletproof MDR:

  • Solves the problem of hiring costly in-house security teams
  • Protects your business 24/7 against advanced cyber attacks
  • Extremely low-touch managed service is perfect for resource-tight SMEs
  • Includes high-value services for SMEs including phishing campaigns, vulnerability scanning and consultancy support
  • Affordable monthly cost, with zero up-front payments

MDR for Enterprise

Smart integration with existing security teams

  • Seamless interoperability with your current security teams and partners
  • Support and build on your existing security investment
  • Extensible technology means we can ingest any and all telemetry from your infrastructure
  • Tried and tested enterprise runbooks operate in-line with industry best practices
  • Fast on-boarding delivers short time to value
  • Fully aligned against the cyber kill chain and SANS 6 steps
  • Bulletproof MDR is a proactive service that reduces the risk of a business being compromised, reduces the impact of attacks and reduces the effort of remediations


Managed detection and response (MDR) is a managed IT security service that detects, contains and remediates cyber threats in real time. It protects your data and assets against cyber threats that can evade other security tooling. MDR achieves this by combining SIEM technology with endpoint protection 24/7 SOC monitoring.

Bulletproof’s unique MDR Recon tool enumerates your online presence to see what your organisation looks like to a hacker. Many organisations don’t realise what web assets and domains are publicly exposed, or what risks their hosting and technology stack present. A Bulletproof Recon scan reveals all this and more.

Bulletproof MDR service uses our industry-leading SIEM platform, engineered in-house for ultimate flexibility and speed. By ingesting and analysing any and every log source in your infrastructure, our advanced SIEM platform works in harmony with skilled and experienced security analysts to spot potentially problematic patterns of behaviour. These anomalies are quickly and efficiently investigated, with containment and remediation actions also taken speedily, all in-line with our rock-solid runbooks.

Bulletproof’s MDR service goes beyond traditional MDR services by including enhanced features that give total security coverage, extra threat intelligence and security insight:

  • Asset-based threat model to profile threats, turning risks into intelligence
  • Recon scans to see what your public-facing web presence reveals to a potential attacker
  • Vulnerability scans help you keep on top of newly disclosed vulnerabilities, enabling active system hardening, helping reduce your attack surface
  • Phishing simulations secure the human element of your security

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