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Monitor & defend against cyber attacks with 24/7 proactive threat detection & log monitoring.

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Get 24/7 threat protection with a Bulletproof managed SIEM service

Deploy Anywhere

Collect logs from any source, including endpoint, servers, networks & clouds

Uncover Threats

Never miss a security risk with experienced SOC analysts monitoring 24/7

Prevent Breaches

Quickly respond to threats with key actions & clear remediation advice

Stay Compliant

Satisfy PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO & more with proactive monitoring and reporting

Real-time protection against complex cyber threats Real-time protection against complex cyber threats

Real-time protection against complex cyber threats

  • Log-based monitoring can span all assets types for total visibility over your technical estate
  • All cyber threats uncovered thanks to our blend of human insight and machine learning
  • Proactive threat hunting uncovers hidden threats and stops attacks before they happen
  • Automatic alert prioritisation so you know what you need to focus on
  • Actionable advice with step-by-step guidance helps you remediate quicker
  • Rapid time-to-value thanks to our fast deployment tools and custom alerting options
  • Empowers your teams to maintain strong cyber defences and meet compliance

Managed SIEM service highlights

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring

Always-on monitoring of systems, networks, applications and users

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Ingest security logs from any device, system or vendor, including cloud

Easy Deployment

Easy Deployment

Simple, automated deployment tools for off and on-premises infrastructure

Cloud Ready

Cloud Ready

Managed SIEM is built for cloud protection, including Azure, AWS and GCP

Real-time Intel

Real-time Intel

Integrated real-time threat intelligence data uncovers more threats

Simple Pricing

Simple Pricing

Our simple, scalable pricing means you don’t need to worry about log volume

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Managed SIEM FAQs

Key Features

  • 24/7 protection and support from experienced security analysts
  • Remediation advice given for each uncovered threat
  • Proactive threat hunting to reveal hidden threats
  • Threat intelligence is baked in to enhance risk discovery
  • Integrated machine learning
  • 90 days of immediate log searching with up to 1 year in archive
  • Maps to the following frameworks:
    • Cyber Kill Chain
    • SANS Incident Response
  • Can build on your existing security stack, helping you get more value from your investments

Log Sources

Bulletproof managed SIEM can ingest logs from any infrastructure system or component, including other security vendors

  • WAF, load balancers, IDS/IPS
  • Microsoft 365
  • Network devices, including firewalls, switches and routers
  • Antivirus & endpoint
  • Windows & Linux servers
  • All AWS services, including EC2, Lambda, CloudWatch & more
  • All Azure service, including Event Hubs, AD, ATP & more
  • Custom application logs
  • Cloud services, including GCP, Mimecast, Salesforce, etc
  • Other vendor’s security services

Deploy Anywhere

Bulletproof's managed SIEM service has been engineered for fast, seamless integration with your infrastructure. Combining SaaS delivery with a highly automated deployment process leads to a rapid, low-touch setup for both traditional on-premises infrastructure and modern cloud environments. It features native support for public cloud providers including Azure, AWS and Google and is even designed to work effortlessly with container and serverless technologies.

Runbook Examples

Here are just some examples of the Bulletproof managed SIEM runbooks that will determine what actions are taken for different types of events and alerts.

  • Microsoft 365 + Active Directory:
    • Potentially malicious URL click detected
    • Creation of forwarding/redirect rule
    • Unfamiliar sign-in properties observed
    • Atypical travel
  • Endpoint protection:
    • AV/malware alert seen
    • Malware clean failed
    • Malware clean successful

On-boarding made easy

Start seeing immediate security value with a simple SIEM deployment process.

Kick off

We’ll work with you to build a company profile, understanding your requirements and helping tailor the service to your specific objectives.


Bulletproof are on-hand for assistance with all aspects of deployment, including setting up log collectors and API calls.


Baseline environment monitoring will define what ‘normal’ looks like, finely tuning your service to eliminate false positives.

Service Go-Live

Get tailored notifications for any security threats found in your environment, along with actionable remediation steps.

Continued Support

Our seasoned security analysts are always on-hand to answer any questions you have and support your on-going service. We’ll continue to tune your SIEM alerts to ensure you’re always getting the maximum from the service, such as compliance-focused reports.

Why choose a Bulletproof managed SIEM? Why choose a Bulletproof managed SIEM?

Why choose a Bulletproof managed SIEM?

A key component of our managed SIEM service is an in-house 24/7 Service Operations Centre (SOC). Our SOC analysts work as an extension of your team, proactively looking for malicious activity in your network and taking full ownership of your SIEM service.

Unlike most other managed SIEM providers, we include clear step-by-step remediation advice for each and every security event – meaning you can fix issues fast and get back to other tasks. The Bulletproof managed SIEM service is delivered through our fast, intuitive SaaS platform.

Managed SIEM FAQs

Security Information and Event Management, or SIEM, has quickly become a core component of a business’ information and cyber security defence. A SIEM protects environments by aggregating log data from multiple sources, and correlating it to detect suspicious activity. If an issue is spotted, such as scanning activity from a region not associated with the business, it can be raised as a security alert and appropriate action taken.

You can think of SIEM as a programmed set of rules, where system and user behaviour is mapped against what is considered as normal baseline behaviour within your business. For example, a communication with devices in multiple geographic regions is normal behaviour for a multinational retailer, but not for local Government.

An effective SIEM must be programmed to recognise these different behaviours and raise alerts accordingly. This requires investment in dedicated, knowledgeable staff to manage and maintain the SIEM, and manage the correlations, runbooks and alerts.

Managed SIEM provides a comprehensive and centralised view of security threats across your organisation, empowering your business to make informed decisions about risk management and mitigation. Ultimately, a managed SIEM helps improve your overall security posture, stopping data breaches. A managed SIEM service is also mandated or strongly recommended by a variety of compliance standards, including PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOC2, GDPR and more.

There are three approaches to incorporating a SIEM into a business: build, buy or outsource. Which option is right for you depends on the size and nature of your business, as well as your security objectives. There are benefits and drawbacks to each option and it’s important to remember that, even within each, no two SIEMs are the same.

Whereas building your own and buying-in need significant capital investments and on-going commitments to resources, outsourcing your SIEM requirements is often seen as the most effective, and cost-efficient, option. Having a third-party manage your monitoring responsibilities is a robust and affordable approach to security. Benefits include:

  • Affordable retainer-based service with no large upfront fees
  • Access to experienced security analysts 24/7
  • Deployment and reconfigurations supported by a trusted third party
  • No hardware appliances or support contracts to manage
  • Access to a wider variety of threat intelligence
  • Proactive threat hunting to uncover hidden threats
  • Immediate access to updates as and when they’re produced – often at no extra cost
  • Native integration with cloud and other modern infrastructures

Bulletproof’s managed SIEM service delivers proactive threat hunting by dedicated security analysts to keep your staff, applications, systems and network secure 24/7. We believe human expertise, insight and ingenuity are fundamental to keeping ahead of the modern dynamic threat landscape. That’s why Bulletproof puts experienced security analysts at the core of this service.

By escalating outcomes and actions, not floods of alerts, our managed SIEM solution provides credible security improvements to your organisation. Combining this ethos with our world-leading suite of SIEM tools and ‘as a Service’ delivery model, our managed SIEM is a powerful solution to today’s security challenges.

Thanks to our continuously updated SaaS platform, you’re always protected against the latest cyber vulnerabilities and exploits. SaaS delivery also means our managed SIEM platform offers extremely rapid set-up and on-boarding, with a 10-minute deployment process. This approach also enables native integration with public cloud (Azure, AWS, Google), container and serverless deployments, as well as traditional on premises infrastructure.

Bulletproof’s Managed SIEM service removes the expensive and difficult overhead of managing, maintaining and updating a SIEM. A managed SIEM service combines a powerful SIEM with dedicated security analysts to provide crucial expertise and insight. We at Bulletproof believe this combination of man and machine is vital to keeping ahead of the dynamic threat landscape.

By escalating outcomes and actions, not floods of alerts, our Managed SIEM service provides credible security improvements to your organisation.

Bulletproof uses the SaaS platform to deliver the managed SIEM services. The SaaS approach enables rapid setup and onboarding, enabling you to start seeing security value quickly. This approach also enables integrations with public cloud (Azure, AWS, Google), container and serverless deployments, as well as traditional on-premises infrastructure.

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