Why choose a Bulletproof Red Team assessment?

Improve Security

Improve Security

Validate your physical and cyber security protocols, find weak spots, and learn how to improve your defences.

Professional Engagement

Professional Engagement

Bulletproof’s security operatives have many years’ experience in bypassing physical and cyber security defences.

Comprehensive Report

Comprehensive Report

A full report provides a high-level summary as well as a technical deep-dive on all issues we uncovered.

Prevent Breaches

Prevent Breaches

Fix the flaws detected by the red team test to proactively prevent data breaches and other cyber attacks.

Validate your defences with Red Team testing

Red Team tests are detailed security assessments that attempt to break every layer of your organisation’s physical and cyber security defences. It’s a multi-layered process during which our expert operatives will leverage every technical and social engineering weakness in an attempt to compromise your cyber, procedural and physical security. Just a like a real cyber criminal would.

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Key Features

Bulletproof red team service simulates a full-scale attack by an ethical cybercriminal in order to give you a complete overview of all your security defences, including physical, procedural and cyber.

  • A multi-layered approach tests all layers of your security
  • Our expert security operatives use the same recon & techniques as real-world hackers
  • Custom threat models and bypass vectors are created for each organisation
  • A thorough penetration test uncovers cyber vulnerabilities
  • Social engineering tests the human and procedural elements of your security
  • A site intrusion attempt assesses your physical security protections
  • A comprehensive, easy-to-understand report explains every step of the process and all security risks uncovered
Key Features

What to expect

In order to fully meet your security objectives and provide the best value, the scope of the test is carefully pre-defined before engagement begins. Our red teaming follows industry-standard methodology in order to maximise the impact of your test. Bulletproof security operatives then collect intelligence on your organisation to come up with a customised plan of attack, just as a real hacker would.

A penetration test and social engineering are then conducted to find any weak spots in your cyber and procedural defences, as well as find ways to support a physical intrusion. The last stage is a physical site access attempt, which is also carried out in-line with the pre-defined scope. Finally, a full report explains every step we took and dives into detail of everything we found.

What to expect

Think like the enemy

Periodic red team assessments should form a core part of your cyber strategy. By thinking like a determined hacker and testing every layer of your organisations’ security defences, you gain a complete holistic overview of your security risks. Red teaming is the best security assessment available, and as such is the ideal way to demonstrate to your customers that you take security seriously.

Think like the enemy

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need a red team assessment?

Hackers and cyber criminals target organisations of all types, industries and sizes. SMEs are just as likely to be targeted as enterprise businesses. This means it’s vital that every organisation conducts periodic red team exercises.

Red teaming is the only way to test every layer of your security defences, as it’s the only test that encompasses cyber, human/procedural and physical testing. Red team testing enables you to find and fix your security risks before a hacker uncovers them.

Who in my organisation will know about the red team exercise?

For maximum effectiveness, a red team should be as realistic as possible. This means very few people in your organisation will be aware of the test taking place. Typically, the test will be authorised by someone at C-Level or Director level within your organisation.

I have a blue team. Can we co-ordinate the exercise?

For organisation with established blue teams, Bulletproof welcomes the opportunity to create tailored plans. Co-ordinating the exercise to test specific attack strategies is a great way to test the effectiveness of your blue team in real-world situations.

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    CREST approved

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