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Review and monitor your GDPR compliance with a comprehensive GDPR audit from seasoned data protection consultants.

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Comprehensive GDPR audits delivered by expert consultants

Qualified consultants

Developed and delivered by certified GDPR practitioners with extensive experience in many sectors, both public and private.

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A comprehensive assessment of your compliance including non-conformities, recommendations and document review.

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Our consultants work to reduce disruption to your business with flexible timings to suit stakeholders.

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Reduce and spread the cost with our range of auditing packages that can be customised to your auditing schedule.

GDPR audit at Bulletproof GDPR audit at Bulletproof

Get a clear view of your compliance

A GDPR audit helps you understand your level of compliance, identify risks and demonstrate how data protection is a priority for the business. The assessment of your policies and processes will determine if personal data is being handled appropriately across the business to ensure you are meeting your regulatory obligations.

Our consultants work with you to ensure your individual requirements are met as well as to guide you through the process and provide advice for any follow-up activities that may be required.

Learn about GDPR audit benefits at Bulletproof Learn about GDPR audit benefits at Bulletproof

What are the benefits of a GDPR audit?

  • Get an independent, evidence-based assessment of your current level of compliance from experienced GDPR consultants
  • Provide customers, investors, regulatory authorities and others with reassurance that your organisation is managing its compliance and is able to demonstrate this
  • Identify areas that need improvement so that you can address these quickly
  • Our experienced consultants can identify opportunities for improvement and advice on further security and compliance measures
  • Have a follow up call with your consultant after the audit to answer any questions you may have
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What is included in our GDPR audit?

Step 1: Introduction call

An opportunity for both parties to meet, for the consultant to understand more about your business and address the following:

  • Understand the scope of compliance i.e. what processing is the organisation carrying out and what is its role as a controller/processor
  • Roles and responsibilities for the audit
  • Current business objectives in relation to the audit e.g. is it being done for a customer, regulator etc.
  • Understanding any known areas of concern
  • Understand relationships with third-parties, subsidiaries, and parent or group members
  • Discuss the type of evidence we will be looking for when we conduct the audit
  • Agree a schedule for the audit interviews

Step 2: GDPR audit

The consultant will arrange a series of interviews with key staff who are responsible for handling personal data to audit the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Leadership
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Training & awareness
  • Privacy by design
  • Privacy management
  • Risk management
  • Upholding Individuals’ Rights
  • International data transfers
  • Agreements with processors
  • Supplier contracts

Step 3: GDPR document review

A review of a sample of GDPR related documents will be conducted, examples of document to be reviewed include:

  • Data protection policy
  • Privacy notices (internal & external)
  • Data breach policy, process & logs
  • Agreements with processors / sub-processors
  • Data processing agreements with customers / suppliers
  • Records of Processing Activities (RoPA)
  • Information security policy
  • Job descriptions & template employment contracts
GDPR compliance staff at Bulletproof GDPR compliance staff at Bulletproof

Why choose Bulletproof?

Our consultancy team is made up of certified GDPR practitioners and data privacy experts. We help businesses of all sizes implement and maintain their compliance standards, providing guidance on all aspects of data protection.

We understand that every organisation has different priorities and requirements, which can make an audit process daunting. Our consultants work with you to ensure that your GDPR audit is not only comprehensive with clear report findings, but also causes minimal disruption to your business.

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GDPR audit FAQs

A GDPR audit is an essential tool for any organisation that has an established privacy management framework in place and wants to measure its compliance. It is good practice to validate and verify that the policies and procedures within your organisation are being followed with an annual, or even 6 monthly audit. GDPR audits can also be useful tools to evidence compliance to customers, investors, governing bodies and regulators.

Typically an audit is a 3-day project, but it does depend on the size and complexity of your organisation so please contact us to get an accurate quote.

Once we have finished interviewing all of your team, we will write up the report, which usually takes one working day. The report then goes through our rigorous Quality Assurance process to ensure it meets our usual standards. Typically this means you will have your report within 5 working days of the last interview.

The gap analysis is designed for organisations that may have done some bits and pieces around the GDPR but don’t have an established compliance framework in place. It’s really for those organisations who are starting on their journey to compliance. An audit is for those organisations who have put in place a framework/personal information management system and who want to carry out regular checks to make sure it is still operating as envisaged.

  • Interviewing key staff who are involved in the day-to-day handling of personal data e.g. IT, HR, Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Senior Management and any staff with specific data protection/privacy responsibilities
  • An evidence-based review where we will ask for and review evidence that establishes whether the privacy policies and procedures in place are working correctly
  • A document review of any GDPR related documentation to make sure they meet the requirements of the GDPR
  • Preparation of a comprehensive audit report that outlines:
    • An executive summary identifying key results and findings
    • A summary table of non-conformities and opportunities for improvement
    • Our findings for each area are audited identifying the current state of compliance using a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status
    • A document review with comments and suggestions on improvements

We appreciate that audits can be very disruptive and so we try and be as flexible as possible in terms of booking in interviews to avoid impacting heavily on your day-to-day operations. We can spread interviews over a period of days and we will always try and find slots that work for all. We will also advise you ahead of the audit what type of information we are likely to ask for so that you can make sure that information is at hand.

Your report will be sent to you via a secure link in email. From here you can download the PDF report.

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