Bulletproof Annual Cyber Security Industry Report 2022

This year’s report analyses how threat actors are adapting their techniques to match the working patterns and reveals industry insights to help keep your business secure in 2022 and beyond.

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Protecting your business, from the people to the cloud

Cyber threats continue to grow and evolve year on year, and 2021 has been no exception. As businesses adapt to hybrid working and a post-Brexit economy, threat actors persistently adapt their attack methods to maximise the opportunities available to them.

Bulletproof continues to monitor the behaviour of threat actors, as well as analysing the findings from our cyber security services, to reveal behavioural trends that can predict upcoming risks. In this report we share:

  • The top vulnerabilities every business needs to look out for
  • How supply chain compliance could be putting you at risk
  • The default credentials used by hackers to breach your systems
  • How hackers are using LinkedIn to target your new employees
  • The risks in using cloud-based environments

Gain insights that will help you assess your security readiness, identify weak points and adapt your security strategy for tomorrow's threat landscape.

Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh Avatar Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh Avatar

Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh

CEO & Co-Founder, Bulletproof

“It's clear from our report that businesses need to be continuously monitoring for cyber attacks, no matter the size of the organisation. Over the course of 2022 and beyond, hackers will continue to target users and in this report, we explore the evidence and share our advice for getting ahead of the threats.”

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