Annual cyber security industry report 2021

Our cyber security industry report investigates why companies are still getting the basics wrong and offers valuable insights on evolving threat landscapes.

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Revealing industry insights for a more secure future

The changes brought about by the global challenges in 2020 played into the hands of hackers and delivered unexpected threats. Companies have had to make rapid decisions to continue functioning, with the security of remote working systems often overlooked.

This year's industry report reflects the difficulties organisations have faced and the new threats remote working has revealed. Our findings also highlight the basic attacks that are still the most successful for hackers.

86% of UK companies expect attacks to increase significantly in 2021. To help shape your cyber security strategy, this report will reveal:

  • The top causes of vulnerabilities every company needs to look out for
  • Which industries are most susceptible to critical flaws
  • The data that proves default credentials are putting you at increased risk
  • Why many companies are in breach of GDPR without realising it
  • The complexities of a cloud-based environment

Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh Avatar Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh Avatar

Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh

Co-Founder, Bulletproof

As with every year, I was surprised that so much has changed in the security landscape, but that so little is different in business attitudes. After the enormous upheaval in technology, people and processes throughout 2020, now is the time for organisations to look back and strengthen their defences.

With hackers continuously evolving their attacks and also repeating the same proven tactics, the risks are high. I urge every business leader to read this report and take action to protect their assets.

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