Intelligent DDoS mitigation

Reports show that DDoS attacks are growing in size and sophistication year after year, and even a small-scale attack can take unprotected services offline. Our DDoS mitigation systems give your hosted systems the protection they need to survive even large-scale DDoS attacks.

High-capacity traffic mitigation platforms

High-capacity traffic mitigation platforms

Automatic DDoS detection systems

Automatic DDoS detection systems

24/7 monitoring from our UK SOC

Complete 24/7 monitoring from our UK SOC

Flexible service options to suit your business

Flexible service options to suit your business

How does it work?

When an attack is detected, our DDoS protection protocols divert all incoming traffic to our high-capacity traffic mitigation platforms, where the bad traffic is filtered out and the good traffic returned to your live systems. Your business stays online the whole time.

The complete threat detection package…

Anti DDoS protection can be bundled as part of a wider security package, including services like secure hosting platforms, advanced security monitoring and 24/7 threat management.

  • Bulletproof are CREST approved

    CREST approved

  • Bulletproof are ISO 27001 and 9001 certified

    ISO 27001 and 9001 certified

  • Bulletproof are Tigerscheme qualified testers

    Tigerscheme qualified testers

  • Bulletproof are a PCI DSS v3.2 Level 1 service provider

    PCI DSS v3.2 Level 1
    service provider

  • Bulletproof have 24/7 on-site Security Operations Centre

    24/7 on-site Security
    Operations Centre

Frequently asked questions

What is a DDoS attack?

A Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS) is where a number of compromised systems bombard a target with malicious traffic, preventing legitimate users from using the service.

This is often done by sending a server a huge amount of authentication requests with invalid return addresses. Not able to locate the return address, the server will wait a while before closing the connection. When flooded with enough traffic, the server will be overwhelmed and won’t be able to respond to legitimate requests.

How could a DDoS attack affect my business?

If your business falls victim to a DDoS attack, legitimate customers will not be able to reach your site. It's the same as your site being totally offline. This will result in lost sales and if you process payments, will lead to failed transactions. Successful DDoS attacks can lead to a substantial amount of down time.

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